Types of Australian Residential Architecture Styles

Today we give you an article about Australian residential architecture styles. The residential architecture styles in Australian houses is very interesting, because these are combination  between previous styles and current or modern styles so called new hybrid designs.


The Triple Fronted Brick Veneer

This house design is familiar and cheap construction, it is still the dominant style in housing estates and many consider the style the scourge of Australian domestic architecture. This style of house has a exterior with timber frames for supporting interior walls, usually of gyprock. Roofs are always hipped or gabled and tiled. This style dominated suburban architecture like in the 50’s – 60’s. In its basic form it is a bland and unimaginative style which has been propagated by developers. Due to The basic style can be made much more interesting by rendering and painting, adding more angles, porticos, verandahs, and bay windows. Larger homes (2 stories) of this style have been described as “McMansions”.

Timber fisherman's cottage

The Timber and Fibro “Fisherman’s” Cottage

The original fisherman’s cottage was built in many coastal towns between the 30’s and 50’s. It was originally a simple timber framed structure of one or two rooms and a veranda that wrapped with asbestos sheets. Generally raised floor in a heap. Home sometimes have a handsome wooden fence which is sometimes closed to create additional space or sleep-out. Detailed wood around the windows and gables often cheerful red painted- become one of the most popular traditional colors.

The original cottage, which is relatively cheap to buy, , are now popular for renovation. Easy construction and owner-public buildings. Old building requires insulation in ceilings and walls. Wood and fiber cement asbestos tarp now replace the original and often interior finish gutted to create an open plan style of modern life. Timber strap-work can be used and the window frames were painted for effect.

Regional Gabled cottage

The Regional Gabled Cottage

This popular style has emerged from the three-fronted brick veneer. While house footprint and floor plan may be quite similar, tapered cabin has a very distinct flavor. In this style of typical gabled roof is the dominant design elements, and practical way of providing shade and entertaining space. Construction can be entirely of brick (often painted), entirely of wood, or a combination of bricks at the bottom of the house and the wood above. Some homes have brick construction featuring porches and porticos. Usually galvanized iron roofing and metal framed windows.

While it is suitable for sloping blocks, this style can also be built on a slab. The use of timber cladding greatly reduce the weight and cost of construction.

Ranch style Homes

Ranch Style Homes

Ranch style became popular in the nineties. It originated in Adelaide and then became popular in coastal areas and NSW. Simple Plan and footprint (at least part of the street facing) is often rectangular. The walls are usually brick or brick and wood, and windows are often colonial style floor to ceiling. Roof with roof tiles are usually extended. The garage is often integrated into the house. Some ranch style house boomerang-shaped, L-shaped others to ration corner.

Ranch style houses can be readily combined with style Murcutt/Drew (wood and galvanized iron). These smaller ranch style houses often have balconies the width of the house.

The Murcutt-Drew steel and corrugated iron house

The Murcutt/Drew Steel and Sorrugated Iron House

Several styles have emerged from the influence of architect Phillip Drew and Glen Murcutt. Playing geometric angles often signature, also (sometimes exposed) ) steel framing and corrugated iron cladding which is available in various colors. Fiber cement and wood cladding is often used with iron to create a sympathetic mix of textures. Being lightweight construction, steel and zinc approach relatively inexpensive and suitable for flat and sharply sloping land. The interior cladding is most often gyprock but can be wood or even plywood. Butterfly roof can also be used quite successfully in this design. This house is suited for steel framed pole houses on steep slopes.

pavilion style homes

The Pavilion Style Homes

Pavilion style house has rectangular characteristic, boxy style simple volumetric, open plan interior with glass replacing a lot of wall space. Windows are often also steel framed. Transparency of the walls makes it suitable for blocks with privacy and / or views. Open terrace is an integral part of the living room, and like the rooms, they are oriented in accordance with an aspect. Roofs are often low-pitched roof and skillion. The style is a favorite architect Harry Seidler preferred given a brick wall, but also suitable for steel, fiber cement and zinc treatment. This approach often requires the thinness of steel framing to create the desired look.

Queenslander style

The Queenslander Style

Queenslander style house has the characteristics all of wood painted exterior, wood stud frame, wood stud frame, and a raised floor in a heap to the airflow in hot climates. They have a spacious veranda (often long house and enclosed by windows and gabled roof and zinc Street facing view often symmetrical. The NSW Queenslander often smaller than the original classic Queenslander and less decorative – Maybe because of the limited supply of fine wood details and trade-man to build them, sometimes combined with home-style Ranch.

Each style has a different emphasis on practicality (physical needs, layout, and views), soil and environmental considerations (structural requirements for foundations, design for weather protection) and aesthetic considerations (planar, volumetric, and sculptures, emotional and spiritual quality.) All of these requirements and quality must be considered when designing a house.

These are Types of Australian Residential Architecture Styles Gallery:

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