The Most 7 Beautiful Garden Pools in The World

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Amidst the hustle and bustle of the city, garden becomes a relaxing place. In addition, garden also serves as a green land to minimize motor vehicle pollution. Due to diverse function of garden makes the architects vying to make the garden designs as beautiful as possible. One of them is by combining pool with garden or also called garden pool.

The current garden pool is pretty much applied in various countries. There is a beautiful garden pool in various parts of the world that may not have been known by many people. Here is the review!

Palace of Versailles, France


Garden located inside Palace of Versailles, France is the largest palace garden in the world with an area of 800 hectares. The garden has artistic design. The garden paths, grasses and trees are designed to form geometric patterns that include orangery buildings, pools, fountains, and canals.

Garden pool in the Garden of Versailles, France is a beautiful garden pool with classic design and surrounded by ancient classical statues in the middle.


In addition, there are dozens of fountain models are coupled with a garden pond that is located spread throughout the Garden of Versailles area. Usually a new fountain will be lit when the king will pass through this park.

Beautifully decorated, this garden pool becomes one of the prettiest garden pools in France. The garden built for Louis XIV was designed by Andre Le Notre with a development period of 40 years. To get into this park, visitors are free of charge, except for Musical Fountain Show and Musical Garden events.

Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, USA


Minneapolis Sculpture Garden is located in Minnesota, United States, close to Walker Art Center run by Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board. This 11 hectare park is one of Minnesota’s crown jewels for its beauty.

One of the prettiest garden pools in the world, the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden has been open since 1988 and has undergone several changes. The garden pool is open to the public every day from morning until midnight.

What makes this park unique is that there is a giant spoon and cherry in the center of the garden pool. And it is become not only the icon of Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, but also for the state of Minnesota.

Yuyuan Garden


In Shanghai there is one historical garden that has never been forgotten named Yuyuan Garden. The garden is also commonly called Yu Garden is an ancient garden that stands on the heartland of Shanghai area of 20,000 square meters. The architecture of the building is nuanced oriental with a curved roof shape upward and forming a pointy angle.


Surrounded by a large garden pool, the park was originally a private park owned by a governor from Ming Pan Yunduan dynasty. However, after renovation in some parts, in 1961 the park was opened to the public. Unlike the fish pond which is usually a mini fish pond, there are many pet fish that occupy the pool of the park. Visitors can feed the fish there.

Shalimar Gardena

Shalimar Bagh (a Mughal Garden), near Srinagar, Kashmir, Jammu and Kashmir State, India.

Shalimar Garden or now known as Shalimar Bagh is a garden built in 1619 in Sri Nagar, Kashmir, Pakistan by Emperor Jahangir, the father of Shah-Jahan, an Indian Mughal king who ruled from 1605-1627 AD. Shalimar itself has the meaning of eternal love, because this garden is dedicated to his beloved wife, Nur Jahan.

The garden design is divided into 4 parts and surrounded by a fountain so as to make this garden more beautiful. There are 410 fountain garden pools running through the main channel there. Overall, the park built in 1619 by King Jahangir covers an area of 12.4 hectares.

The Grand Cascade


The Grand Cascade’s garden pool is located in the Palace of Peterhof, Russia. It is one of the world’s most beautiful fountain pools, the Grand Cascade cost millions of dollars for its manufacture. No wonder this one garden pool looks very grand. The Grand Cascade features a fountain among the luxurious gold-plated statues which flow of water runs down to the sea.

The construction of the park and its contents was completed in 1721. In winter, the fountain garden pool is often not operational due to maintenance purposes.

Sanssouci Palace

Located on the grounds of Sans Souci Palace, Postdam, Germany. This 1.6 square kilometer courtyard garden has a very attractive landscape with garden pools and fountains that are the park’s axis. Statues side by side with plants, a row of colorful blossoms framing the pathway lane of the path on the garden.


As the name implies, Sans Souci in French literally means ‘without worry’. The garden pool at Sans Souci Palace presents the beauty of pampering the eyes while offering peace of mind through the rushing water from the pool. You will feel calm or relax like a sense of peace when looking at koi ponds.

Villa d’Este Garden


Villa d’Este is located in Tivoli, Italy and is considered the work of the Renaissance culture, its architecture and design have been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage. The garden is also part of a member of the Grandi Giardini Italiani, the best garden in Italy. This terraced garden has a diverse collection of flora, fountains, as well as pools.

The Largest garden pool is located in the middle of the park with elongated shape. At the end there is a magnificent fountain with a staircase. While on the other side there is a waterfall garden pool. Each side is equipped with the presence of ancient roman statues that make the garden pool look more artistic.


This garden and villa were built on the orders of Cardinal Ippolito II in the 16th century. After becoming a privately owned garden for several centuries, Villa d’Este was acquired by the government after World War II and became a popular tourist destination to date. You also can book this garden for your wedding ceremony.

Those seven garden pools above are beautiful and stunning. Certainly make anyone who visit feel at home and want to keep going back. Interested to visit it?

These are The Most 7 Beautiful Garden Pools in The World Gallery:

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