The Best Kiddie Pool Designs for Small Backyard

Are you considering having a swimming pool as a playground for your child? The cost is not small and the maintenance that takes time and energy must be the thing that makes you think twice about having a swimming pool. However, now there are so many choices of kiddie pools that do not require complicated design as well as an ordinary swimming pool.

Even a number of kiddie pool options are so practical to use because they are portable and inflatable. Hence, will prove that even with a small backyard, you can also place a beautiful and functional kiddie pools into your property.

6 Kiddie Pool Designs for Small Backyard

1. Mini Swimming Pool

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If you still plan to make a kiddie pool like a common swimming pool design, then you can anticipate the amount of the building costs by minimizing the pool area. Kiddie pool requires a minimum area of 4 x 2.5 meters with a depth of less than 60 cm. With this mini area, construction costs can be greatly saved. In addition, the maintenance it is not too difficult.

2. Simple Inflatable Swimming Pool

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The inflatable swimming pool is a kiddie pool that is so practical to use. This kiddie pool is not a swimming pool that is embedded in the ground which must be cleaned every week. Instead, it only takes a few minutes to install this kiddie pool, and a little energy to pump it.

The inflatable swimming pool is made of plastic which is thick and has high resistance. Unfortunately the inflatable swimming pool is not equipped with filters so it cannot be left for days. Therefore, it is better to keep it back after using it.

3. Swimming Pool for Toddlers

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A kiddie pool that can be blown is available in various sizes and models, and certainly each of the inflatable swimming pool models are adapted to the age of the child who uses it.

For toddlers, choose a smaller inflatable swimming pool with shallow depth. Because of its small size, there is absolutely no need to have a large yard for this kiddie pool. The preparation time is also faster.

4. Kiddie Pool with Interactive Toys

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Older children will usually get bored quickly if you just soak in an ordinary inflatable swimming pool. Need to add some interesting features so that the bathing event feels more exciting.

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For that, you can choose the model of a kiddie pool which is equipped with various interactive games such as slide, water sprayer, and ball bath. Because of its larger size, a wider place is needed to install it.

5. Swimming Pool on the Surface for Families

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Unfortunately the size of the inflatable pool is so limited, it can’t accommodate many people. If you want to swim and soak with your children, try to consider making a swimming pool on the surface.

Just like a swimming pool made under the surface, this children’s swimming pool is also equipped with a water filter system so that you don’t have to bother draining it after using it. The manufacturing cost is much cheaper than making a swimming pool under the surface.

6. Kiddie Swimming Pool from the Wooden Deck

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Swimming pool on the surface is made of PVC material. This swimming pool has various sizes and shapes, but the rigid design looks boring and stiff. Modifications can be made so that the look of the pool looks more attractive to children, such as overlaying it with wood and adding a wooden deck in the form of stairs on its side.

In addition, there is also a portable version of the model of this kiddie pool that is functioned with electricity. The installation is also easier and more practical because it can be deflated and folded.

these six of kiddie pool designs have advantages and disadvantages. However, the most important thing is to make sure the child pool model that you choose is safe for your little one. Don’t forget to see the informative articles at

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