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New Collection Iconic Design by Ralph Lauren Home

The Golden Age of Hollywood: luxurious new collection Iconic Design by Ralph Lauren Home. If luxury is it reasonable? Luxurious living is an option. A man was also worth a life of luxury. Even the proverbial saying “you deserve the best”. We regularly do reviews of novelties of this brand is for your inspiration and aesthetic pleasure. Today we have two new collections — the glamorous “Iconic Design and concise“ Modern “Downtown. Each of them is like any suite is unique, but some things in common: they have a restrained tone, austere lines and texture. As well as subtleinfluence of the ... Read more

Mare Nostrum: The Charm of a Nautical Them by Zara Home

  “Mare Nostrum” from ZaraHome – swimming pool Mare Nostrum: the charm of a nautical theme in the new collection of Zara Home We have already talked about the new collections from Zara Home Spring-Summer 2015 in the special issue. And this is – a detailed review of true summer, fashionable nautical theme, a splendid view of the brand this year. Collection name – «Mare Nostrum» – is the name of the Mediterranean Sea from the ancient Romans (“Our Sea”). The most striking associations with its picturesque coastline, are reflected in the interior, created by designers for this summer collection. ... Read more

Zara Home Spring-Summer 2015

Zara Home Spring-Summer 2015 Zara Home Spring-Summer 2015: a review of the new collections for the interior, including children Spanish brand Zara is better known as a manufacturer of clothing. But he also produces and items for the interior, a couple of times a year delighting customers with new things – just to look at, but it is so attractive that he took them in his hands, you do not want to let go. We have already done surveys interior trends from Zara Home. And today, on the stage – the spring-summer collection 2015. First of all they are interested ... Read more