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‘Recycled’-Meetings, amrilio.com

‘Recycled’ Meetings (Photography by Micky Hoyle)

Talk about small office interior design trends 2015, our design team has made predictions for it. Along 2015, many startup companies have sprung up, with a capacity of small spaces they are trying to provide a comfortable atmosphere to its employees. So, they need an inspiration about small  office interior design trends in 2015.

We have four designers who will give an explanation and description of the small office interior design trends 2015.


Rachel Rees, Senior Designer

I’m pleased to say, it wasn’t utter nonsense when I suggested the foreseen promotion of products and fit out to counteract noise pollution and lack of privacy in the typical open plan office, which is incidentally, a bit like Welsh weather, unpopular but here to stay.

along 2015 , with companies delving deeper into strategy, this same fundamental objective remains set in stone. Organisations are now embracing noise reduction solutions in the early design stages as opposed to it being an afterthought via the use of ceiling tiles, rafts, baffles, partitioning, screens and sound masking (the ubiquitous pink noise solution). There are ‘retreats’ where we are able to meet or focus and be both productive and creative. ‘Offices within offices’ to varying degrees. These flexible solutions are emblematic of the demands of the hi-tech companies where change is constant.

Style-wise, there’s been an extreme reaction against the minimal white sterile look that ruled for the past 10 years or so and a movement towards a somewhat industrial, raw, retro almost salvaged effect. Hints of this are seen in the interiors and products showcased below, together with the eclectic use of natural materials and textures sometimes combined with a bit of classic luxury and/or cool retro.

Pastel-‘Peace’, amrilio.com

Pastel ‘Peace’ (Image from Boss Design)

Helen Bartlett, Design Manager

As more and more companies espesially companies with small office, endeavour to move away from a typically hierarchical office arrangement, the term open plan will continue to be at the top of the client briefing list during 2015. Workplace consultants and designers across the world will continue to conjure up innovative solutions to the problems that can be associated with such an environment – noise, lack of privacy, rows upon rows of desks and as a result, increased stress levels due to lack of concentration. In response to this, I predict that acoustic panels and seating will become more weird and wonderful to counteract the aforementioned problems.

Geometric shapes will continue to inspire everything from wallcoverings, flooring, furniture, lighting and ceilings.

Luffa-Wall-Tiles-by-Mauricio-Affonso, amrilio.com

Luffa Wall Tiles by Mauricio Affonso (Image from Luffa Lab)

The ever changing world of technology will mean that we will continue to be less constrained to a fixed desk and, as more companies move their IT systems towards wireless, the need for cable management will reduce, resulting in a more innovative workstation design.

However, in stark contrast to the smooth, curvy and white objects that most of us covet, textures will become more prominent in order to satisfy those of us who have a tactile desire for something more interesting.

The increased awareness of our individual responsibilities towards protecting the wider environment, namely our planet, will make the necessity to source materials that have either been recycled or produced with a low carbon footprint high on the list of priorities.

As they say, anything goes and 2015 will be no different insomuch as it will continue to push the boundaries outside of what used to be a square box but is now somewhat more angular.

Jon Foster, Senior Designer

Towards the end of 2014 we had already started to see early signs of businesses introducing differing styles and enhanced character into their workplaces, something I think we will see a lot more of in 2015.

over the 2015 I think we’ll be seeing more variety in design and product with an amalgamation of styles becoming commonplace. This design thinking has been seen already in statement pieces of furniture and bold retro features, wall art and quirky accessories will further define the ‘domestic workplace’ concept that has been embraced over the last few years. With wellbeing and retaining staff key drivers for many companies, the workplace will develop further design-wise to provide employees with an enjoyable place to work.

We have already seen how the modern workplace has become less individual or workstation dependent with collaboration and interaction space being the buzz words and features of the last year or so. At Paramount we are asked on nearly every project to provide areas for informal meetings, where people and ideas can come together. I believe over the coming year our clients will be looking to make these spaces more unique and individual, maybe with personal touches thrown in. There was a time when somebody’s vintage armchair wouldn’t be considered in a workplace refurbishment but, in 2015, we will possibly see more character and bravery in commercial office design.

Bold-graphics-timber-framed-furniture-with-concrete-finishes, amrilio.com

Bold graphics, timber framed furniture with concrete finishes (Photography by Jasper Sanidad)

Gareth Davies, Designer

We’ve come to the end of another year and 2015 has begun. Looking at what the office design trends might be for this year I instantly thought of – Geometry! Recently there has been a big ‘boom’ in the fabrics and wall covering industry where more and more geometric prints are coming in to create excitement and interest in interiors. I met with our Camira Fabrics rep recently to get an update on our swatch binders and she was able to give me a sneak preview of what will be available over the coming months, Geometry was the winning theme.

I tend to look into the fashion trends for this year to get an understanding of what the themes for interiors will be. This year it’s said that a lot of geometric shaped designs combined with bold, abstracted geometric prints are set to dominate our stores and this will also reflect in the design of 2015 interiors. Geometry in interiors is not only seen as the bold coloured prints in textiles and art but also in the geometry of the space itself. As well as geometric patterns we can also expect positioning of partitions, floor designs and ceiling bulkheads to take the same principles, creating angular, exciting spaces.

Geometric design was fairly big in 2014 but more in the domestic side of interiors, this seems to have shifted into the commercial sector where floor finish designs, positioning of partitions and use of manifestation incorporates bold harsh lines to create excitement and interest. When used correctly and with the right colours, geometry can truly create amazing spaces. Tektura, who specialise in wall coverings, have some great geometric inspired designs, such as the ‘Shards’ range, which incorporates a mixture of soft tones with the odd bold co-ordinating colour. Great for using in a reception area or to create a feature wall in a boardroom. Similarly, Muraspec, who also deal with wallcoverings, have released their Studio Suite Range, which takes on a slightly 3D approach to geometry.

Keep an eye out this year for some interesting spatial design incorporating angular lines and contrasting geometric textiles/prints which could help make your office refurbishment ‘bang’ on trend.

‘Ara-Pizza’-Restaurant-in-Barcelona-Spain, amrilio.com



Who knows what 2015 will bring for us at amrilio.com, we’re expecting some exciting office fit-out and office design projects. And we hope you like with our informations about Small Office Interior Design Trends 2015. If you’re planning to look at your workplace this year, hopefully these trend predictions will help you to keep up to date with the world of office interiors.

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