New Collection Iconic Design by Ralph Lauren Home

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The Golden Age of Hollywood: luxurious new collection Iconic Design by Ralph Lauren HomeIf luxury is it reasonable? Luxurious living is an option. A man was also worth a life of luxury. Even the proverbial saying “you deserve the best”.

We regularly do reviews of novelties of this brand is for your inspiration and aesthetic pleasure. Today we have two new collections the glamorous Iconic Design and concise Modern Downtown. Each of them is like any suite is unique, but some things in common: they have a restrained tone, austere lines and texture. As well as subtleinfluence of the art deco style, in shades and forms.

And, of course, both of these collections are designed for people who value themselves and are willing to indulge even in small things, creating respectable in his home environment, perfect in every detail.

Laconic chic penthouse or Hollywood glamor – that you like more? See our 2 release of updates to Ralph Lauren Home, released in autumn 2014.

The first collection – Iconic Design (with a little stretch of the imagination that can be translated as “style icon”). Creating it, the designer was inspired by the “golden age” of Hollywood and glamor in the best sense of the word. At the same time, in addition to classical forms in the collection there and deliberately rude things from raw materials. Just like a good movie: there was a place and a bitter word, and rich decorations.

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new collection Iconic Design by Ralph Lauren Home – Luxurious Sofa

Sofa design created with classic style and still shows the luxury.  Iconic Design is gorgeous examples of classical furniture for living room. Flowing forms, perfect proportions, stitch Capito“. And, of course, the famous Chesterfield Sofa. These exquisite pieces of furniture will complement themirror with carved leaves, marble bedside table with lion paws and elegant table with legsswirls.

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In the collection there are more manly things, for gentlemen, knowledgeable expertsin good drinks. For example, a home bar of mahogany, with a cocktail table with aglass lid. Or chromed trolley, which will complement the contemporary living room.

Classic style is evident in furniture for the dining room. Just take a look at this luxurious table with legs in the form of columns! Leather armchairs and chairs inspired by Art Deco and Biedermeier is a chic ensemble.

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decoration of bedrooms from Ralph Lauren Home

To get the decoration of bedrooms from Ralph Lauren Home, you may have to pay more. But the price is in accordance with the facilities provided. Because, you will be pampered witha wide, padded mattresses and there are piles of books neatly on the shelf above your head when sleeping.
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drawer and expensive ceramic vases by ralph lauren home

And to give the impression of classics like in 30 ‘s, there is a drawer and expensive ceramic vases which is placed on top and on the side of the drawer.
It is necessary to distinguish items that placed seemingly incompatible. For example, a chandelier made of antlers with crystal pendants. Or coffee table Brook Street, which combines the brevity of Asian style and classical forms.
Talking about things in the spirit of the 30 ‘s, not to mention “the little shiny things“. For example, a bedside table Cannes. At first glance it looks modern, but take a look at thelion’s paws at the base. It is these little things are luxuriously furnished. The ladies will appreciate the exquisite Venetian mirror with a shiny faceted frame.