Formal Dining Room Sets – Perfect for Your Romantic Dinner!

For you guys who like everything romantic, then you should consider to have formal dining room sets. There is something romantic and alluring about formal dining room set. Maybe it is something to do with the thought of having a room that entirely dedicated to eating and entertaining, or the very idea of enjoying lovely dinner with family and friends. Whatever reasons, below are some ideas for formal dining room sets that you can use as references.

Light and dark


If you want to have formal dining room that reeks with sophistication then you can utilize dark and light theme for it. You can custom metal front cabinets and silver nail head trim for your chairs. To anchor the center of the room you can install overhead chandelier crafted from the Murano glass. You can place a sleek and solid dining table on the center of the room. For the chairs you can opt to have navy blue upholstery with silver trellis design. To make it fancier you can add grey faux bois-inspired wallpaper to bridge the gap between the light and dark tones.

Linear diversity


You can create a casual environment that radiates fancy style with formal dining room which is open to the kitchen. In order to promote the mingling from the kitchen to the dining room you need to create a wide archway. This kind of formal dining room sets are great for relaxing and entertaining. To complete the look, you can design your wall to be stone-clad walls combine with brick and wood beam ceiling. Furthermore, to emphasize the diversity of your dining room you can opt to choose dining table and chair with antique style.

Vivid formality


Occasionally, formal dining room can come off as stiff and cold. In order to lessen that vibes, you can add bold color to your formal dining sets. You can utilize emerald green silk wallpaper to wrap your dining area, so it will be livelier and more cozy. To make a statement you can choose tangerine color velvet chair for your dining chairs. If you want to make it less stiff but more sophisticated, then you can opt to have high gloss molding and gunmetal taffeta panels in your dining room.

Comfortable elegance


No one said that formal dining room should be oversize. You can use small space as your formal dining room. You don’t have to have spacious area for your formal dining room, with a basic nook you can create formal dining room that exudes elegance. If you want your basic nook to be your formal dining table, then you need to utilize dark and light color for it. For the start you can utilize dark wood-paneled ceiling and hardwood floor to go against light blue walls with blue trim. It can give you homey vibe as well as balancing the dark and light tones perfectly. For the dining chairs you need to choose elegant pattern for its upholstery to create more formal vibes, and for the dining table you should choose a solid yet sleek dining table. To complete the look, you can add chandelier to your formal dining room sets.

Gallery of Formal Dining Room Sets:

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