Fantastic! Pretentious Interior of 5 Most Expensive Houses in the World

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to live in the most expensive house in the world? Surely you will be pampered with a charming interior design style and various existing facilities. At this moment, will show you the Pretentious Interior of 5 Most Expensive Houses in the World.

5. Fleur de Lys Mansion, Los Angeles, USA

The 5th most expensive house in the world is occupied by a mansion located in an elite residential area in Holmby Hills, Los Angeles. The owner of the house, Suzanne Saperstein is very obsessed with the design of a palace in France built in the 17th century, so she tried to replicate the interior of the palace into her mansion.

White and gold colors are seen dominating every room through the use of classic furniture and elegant wall coverings. In addition, decorations such as chandeliers are made directly from 24 carat gold and diamonds. The price of this most expensive house in the world is estimated at 125 million USD.

4. Draculla Castle, Brasov, Romania

Unlike the other the most expensive houses in the world, this house has a different design style. From the name and outward appearance you can already feel the impression of horror. This house is indeed an old building dating from the 14th century and is now owned by a Romanian nobleman named Dominic Habsburg.

The original wooden furniture that fills the home for 135 million USD is designed with the distinctive carvings of Roman royal buildings. Dominic deliberately maintains the impression of horror that exists on the design of the most expensive house in the world to sell horror stories owned buildings that now become a museum.

3. Kensington Palace Garden, London, UK

The most expensive house in the world this one is located in the same area with the British royal palace is owned by Russian Billionaire, Roman Abramovich. Roman is also the owner of a football club in England, namely Chelsea. The facilities of this house are so complete ranging from tennis courts, transportation museums, to fitness center. Uniquely most of the rooms are built underground.


The most expensive house in the world with a price of 140 million USD has a contemporary design concept that combines classical building characters, such as pillars and ceiling carvings with modern-style classical furniture. The contrasting colors that are played in the main rooms, such as a blend of white wall paint colors with green on the decorative elements.

2. Villa Leopolda – Cote D’Azur, France


The second position of the most expensive house in the world is occupied by Villa Leopolda located in France, with an area of 50 acres. The house owned by Lily Safra, a Brazilian scientist is estimated to have a price of 736 million USD. Facilities that complement this most expensive house in the world include indoor and outdoor pools, as well as a helicopter pad.


Overall, the most expensive house in the world has a European classic house concept. The designs are filled with exposed materials, such as pillars and wood panels on the ceilings of the room and bricks on the walls. Rustic colors also dominate the entire room of the most expensive house in the world, seen from the choice of furniture used and the dimmer yellow color of lighting lamps.

1. Antilia – Mumbai, India


Who would have thought that the world’s most expensive house worth $ 1 billion is owned by an Indian property businessman, Mukesh Ambani. Although from outside the building looks futuristic, this house are composed of 27 floors following the architecture of traditional Hindu system, namely Vastu Shastra.


The influence of strong culture is also still felt in the interior design of the most expensive house in this world. The rooms are dominated by brown and gold colors which are symbolic colors in traditional Indian houses. Currently, the existence of the most expensive house in the world is still a controversy because the building is built in the middle of slum housing in India.

These five houses really embody the things you have ever imagined, the things that are hard for you to imagine, or things we never imagined before. If you like this article, do not forget to share and check other design inspiration on

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