Easy Steps on How to Build a Fish Pond

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Building a fish pond may sound complicated especially when it is a completely new thing for you. there are several things to consider and pieces of equipment to prepare. What you need to know and how to build a fish pond? Keep on reading to find out.

What to consider before building a fish pond

The first thing to consider is where is the ideal location to build your fish pond? Some factors need to take into account in deciding the place. The first factor is the sunlight, your fish pond needs enough access to sunlight which is around 4 hours a day. Enough sunlight is needed for the algae to grow and become food for the fish.

Secondly, maintenance is important as dirt will contaminate the pond as well as clog the plumb, you will also have to fill up the water frequently since it will evaporate over time. The last thing to consider is it’s aesthetic. You must locate the pond where it will enhance the beauty of its surrounding. The design of the pond must also complement where it is placed.


Building a fish pond

The first thing to know how to build a fish pond is the equipment you need to prepare. To construct a pond, some equipment is needed.

  1. Shovel to dig up the soil.
  2. Tape measure for measuring the dimension of the pit.
  3. Pick mattock to break firm and rocky soil.
  4. Garden hose or spray paint to map out the area where you want to dig.
  5. Trowel
  6. Spirit level indicator
  7. Pond lining material for lining the pit so water doesn’t sip to the soil.
  8. Skimmer to filter bigger debris such as leaves that goes into the pond.
  9. Submersible pump to circulate water in continuous flow.
  10. Underlayment is put at the base of the pit and function as a protector for the pit from rocks etc.
  11. Tubing will be used for connecting the water pump to the skimmer.
  12. Dechlorinator to eliminate traces of chlorine.

After you got all the needed equipment, now move on to the steps on how to build a fish pond.

1. Dig up the pit

Mark the boundaries for your pond and start digging from the middle and work outward until you reach the boundaries you have drawn. For this step, you will need a shovel or mattock and the trowel. Spirit level indicator can be used to find a bumpy spot.

2. Line the pit

Put the underlayment at the bottom of your pit and then lay the lining material. you need to make sure that your lining material is bigger than the pit.

3. Fill your pond

Fill the water when you have done put on the liner. The next step is to put the bricks around the pit. This is done to secure the overlapping liner.

4. Install the pump

Put the submersible pump at the bottom of the pond, do not forget to fix the power cable and flexible tubing beforehand. You can then place the skimmer on a raised platform.

5. Put the fish and the plant

Add de-chlorinator to your pond before doing this step. Then you can add aquatic plants before putting fish. For the fish, it is better to put fingerlings than adult fish as it is easier for them to adapt.

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