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Imagine spending your day enjoying the view of your garden with the breeze. Don’t you think something is missing? A pond maybe? To add a fish pond in your garden will complete the view of your garden as well as adding a refreshing element to it. Not an expert in exterior design? No worries, here you will find DIY fish pond ideas that are easy to build and inexpensive.

Stock tank pond

The stock tank is perfect if you want a garden pond that is easy and fast. Bury the tank and then add water. after that, you can add some plants and rocks.

Low-cost waterfall pond

The reason why it is a low cost is that the pond can be made by rocks you can find in the yard. While you can clean your yard from unused rocks, you can have a new pond in your garden, what a win-win solution.

Tire Pond

The old and unused tire can look annoying if you have it in you have it just sitting there in your property. Well, now you can make use of by creating a DIY pond out of it. Ideally, an old tractor tire will do great but other tires can work too.

An ecological and simple pond

No pond liner is needed which will make it easier to set up the pond. You can use bentonite clay as the substitute of the liner to prevent the water to sip into the ground. While it is cheap it will look beautiful once it is finished.

DIY fish pond

Koi or goldfish are the most common fish to be put in a pond. If you want this too, you can simply build a DIY fish pond by digging the soil, adding a liner, and pick the rocks, plants, and other decorations. Don’t forget to block your pump with mesh so that the fish are not being sucked when you have a waterfall in it.

Pond with wooden deck

If you happen to have old pallets, then you can recycle those and make a wooden deck for your pond. Not just pallets, you can also use other types of boards. The rectangular pond with the deck is perfect if you want something different rather than a conventional round pond. You can put fish in it too.

Plastic container pond

Old plastic container can be made into a garden pond. This can save your money a lot. You just have to add some rocks and a fountain and you will have a beautiful pond that none will think it is cheap.

Different size container pond

To add style to your garden, you can build multiple ponds with different sizes of containers. you may have to buy the containers,

but you can get them for inexpensive price, it is even better if you already have them and you are ready to build your stylish pond. Put a fountain above them and it will add a relaxing element to your garden.

DIY fish pond and garden pond can be made with the materials that have already around and a little bit of creativity. With a pond in your garden, you will have a different sensation that brings different sensation every time you spend time enjoying your garden view.

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