Consider These Things Before Applying Bathroom Remodel Ideas on a Budget

Do you ever think of bathroom remodel ideas on a budget? Well, each dwelling must have at least 1 bathroom. However, not everyone always feels comfortable and suits the condition of their bathroom so they decide to renovate a minimalist bathroom with a minimal budget too. Can it? Of course, you can, and even your bathroom looks elegant and simple. Come on, see the right tips below:

Apply the exposed bathroom


An exposed bathroom setting is recommended if the walls of this room are made of solid or waterproof materials. This application makes it easier and cheaper to care for them. It’s easier to replace, you don’t have to break into the bathroom wall if you want to stretch it.

Wall and Floor Ceramics


You can choose ceramic material to be installed on the walls and floor of a minimalist bathroom. For walls, ceramics serve to make the walls easier to clean and not easily moldy. Not only that, but ceramic walls will also give a luxurious impression to the design.

However, if later you feel bored with the color or pattern of ceramics, then you have to completely replace it. For that, you can get around this by coating some of the walls with ceramic, and some others are just plain painted. For wall paint, you should choose a bright color. Just use one color or it can be combined with slightly lighter or darker color gradation.

As for the floor, you can use large tiles that are installed diagonally to get a broad impression. You also need to choose a type of ceramic with a non-slippery texture, such as porcelain or stone ceramic. The choice of this type of ceramic serves to reduce the possibility of slipping in the bathroom.

Doing the DIY Method


This is one of the best ways to get bathroom remodel ideas on a budget. To realize a luxurious yet affordable bathroom renovation, you can apply the DIY method. DIY in this bathroom can vary, depending on the needs of the homeowner. Like a bath mat, for example. If the price of the mat is too expensive, you can make it from colorful rags or towels.

Another decoration that you can replace with the DIY method is the shower curtain. This DIY shower curtain will look even more beautiful if you know how to paint

Safety Features


Safety features and functions must come first, especially if you live with children, the elderly, and people with special needs. Bathrooms are traditionally equipped with non-slip floors and handrails for added security.

If installing anti-slip flooring is too expensive, you might consider using an anti-slip coating over the tile floor. Then, add a shower bench, as well as a handlebar in the shower and bathtub area.

Complementary Furniture

complementary-furnitures-for-bathroom copy

Don’t forget the complementary furniture for your minimalist bathroom, such as towel hangers, tissue hangers, soap holders, and shower racks. Don’t be underestimated, without this complementary furniture, your bathroom will look messy with things that are not neatly arranged.



Lighting is often one of the most neglected components of the renovation process, especially when it comes to bathrooms. Think of how difficult it would be to carry out a daily grooming routine like shaving or applying make-up without the right light source.

For that, you need to make sure lighting remains a priority while you are doing this project. The key to good lighting is layering. There are three main types of lighting that can be in a bathroom.

The first type is ambient or also known as general lighting. Ambient light fills most of the room and allows you to move around safely. This usually comes from recessed lighting, track lighting, or wall-mounted fixtures. Then, accents. Accent lighting is used to highlight specific focal points, such as showers, wall-mounted fixtures. Then, the last type is the task light. As the name suggests, task lights are used to help you complete certain functions. This can be anything from a lit mirror to a chandelier hanging over the bath

So, do you intend to do and get a bathroom remodel ideas on a budget? Try Those some tips and get satisfying results!

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