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7 Trends of Timeless Minimalist Home Design

Nowadays minimalist house seems more and more popular. That’s because the minimalist home design is simple and modern impressed. In addition, the minimalist house is also quite flexible, suitable when built on a large land or on a minimal land. Increasingly, more and more innovations and creations of minimalist home designs have sprung up, including the latest minimalist home model that Amrilio will discuss in this article. In addition to the slick design, the use of materials with high durability is used in the long term also makes the models of this latest minimalist house will not be consumed by ... Read more

5 Simple Decoration Tips for Living Room

Don’t worry if you have small and simple living room and. A simple living room is often easier to organize than a large living room. Besides, it’s easier to tidy up the small living room, there are 5 simple decoration tips for your living room that can make your simple living room more attractive to look at and certainly more comfortable for anyone who visits. The main rule in decorating or arranging the furnitures in small living is make sure you choose furniture that suits the space and do not be too pushy put all the stuff into it. Here’s a simple ... Read more

Sweet Colorful Cottage by Alison Kandler in Santa Monica

  Amazing house Alison Kandler: a tour of the cottage decorator in Santa Monica. Alison Kandler has designed her home very sweet and colorful. Dream House – how do you imagine it? With a well-tended garden, huge swimming pool,picturesque views of the Windows? Or such, where every corner is thought over to trifles, and just these little things are forced to admire the superb taste of the owner? Or maybe you admire architectural delights, but deep down you dream about furniture, similar to the one that once graced the cabin of your dolls? The House decorator Alison Kandler is everything that ... Read more

Mare Nostrum: The Charm of a Nautical Them by Zara Home

  “Mare Nostrum” from ZaraHome – swimming pool Mare Nostrum: the charm of a nautical theme in the new collection of Zara Home We have already talked about the new collections from Zara Home Spring-Summer 2015 in the special issue. And this is – a detailed review of true summer, fashionable nautical theme, a splendid view of the brand this year. Collection name – «Mare Nostrum» – is the name of the Mediterranean Sea from the ancient Romans (“Our Sea”). The most striking associations with its picturesque coastline, are reflected in the interior, created by designers for this summer collection. ... Read more

Zara Home Spring-Summer 2015

Zara Home Spring-Summer 2015 Zara Home Spring-Summer 2015: a review of the new collections for the interior, including children Spanish brand Zara is better known as a manufacturer of clothing. But he also produces and items for the interior, a couple of times a year delighting customers with new things – just to look at, but it is so attractive that he took them in his hands, you do not want to let go. We have already done surveys interior trends from Zara Home. And today, on the stage – the spring-summer collection 2015. First of all they are interested ... Read more