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9 Luxurious House of The World’s Famous Footballers

Did you know that the average salary of top footballers in England, for example, could reach £ 1.5 million per year. With that huge salary some footballers are able to build a luxurious house. Here are 9 Luxurious House of The World’s Famous Footballers: 9. David Beckham The Beckham family sold the house for £ 12 million after living there for 14 years. They also own property in the cities where Beckham once grazed, such as Madrid, Los Angeles, Milan, and Paris. According to rumors, Beckham has also prepared 45 million pounds to build a new house in London. 8. Gareth Bale In 2010, ... Read more

Fantastic! Pretentious Interior of 5 Most Expensive Houses in the World

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to live in the most expensive house in the world? Surely you will be pampered with a charming interior design style and various existing facilities. At this moment, will show you the Pretentious Interior of 5 Most Expensive Houses in the World. 5. Fleur de Lys Mansion, Los Angeles, USA The 5th most expensive house in the world is occupied by a mansion located in an elite residential area in Holmby Hills, Los Angeles. The owner of the house, Suzanne Saperstein is very obsessed with the design of a palace in France built ... Read more

Creative Colorful Spanish Apartment with Furniture from IKEA

This 2 x bedroom apartment in Madrid area of ​​about 60 sq looks much larger than one would assume, given the orientation of the windows and the associated layout of the rooms. In addition to space, decorators have managed to create a spectacular style – modern cocktail with hints of vintage, ethnic and glamor, including – using the favorite mistress of items previously lived in the house and it inherited. Consider this apartment in detail, to find interesting ideas, including – for small flats and rooms – more than 20 photos of interiors for your inspiration. floor plan of the ... Read more

Interior Apartment Ideas for Young Couple

Today, we will discuss about Interior Apartment Ideas for young couple and group of students. How to make the interior apartment to be more Bright, fashionable, practical. We will guide you how to make creative apartment for young couple and group of students. The idea to share with someone living space of 20-25 years is usually not perceived as cargo commitments. In his youth, it’s much easier than after 30. And if a young couple trying to create a little oasis of happiness or a few students decide to rent an apartment together – this is accompanied by a lot ... Read more

Best Chic and Modern Townhouse Ideas in Chicago by Gabriel Fontes de Faria

Talk about interior design Chicago. Today, Gabriel Fontes de Faria a HomePolish interior designer will give you some inspiration about the best interior design that suitable in Chicago. He has designed the interior of his home that located in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Best Chic and Modern Townhouse Ideas in Chicago by Gabriel Fontes de Faria is very awesome and unique. Because, Although a townhouse, in the middle room there is a chimney and in the right and left side of the chimney there is a pile of dry firewood. Chic and Modern Townhouse in Chicago – Workplace Interior design Chicago ... Read more

6 Psychological Tricks to Help You Enjoy Life in a Small Apartment

We have collected a lot of advice for the owners of a small property in a special category . They all relate to practical changes, including how to expand the visual space. And today learn 6 Psychological Tricks to Help You Enjoy Life in a Small Apartment. Psychologists believe that everyone sees exactly what is set to see. So instead of focusing on the shortcomings of the apartment, try to look at it differently. As they say, if life slipped you lemons – make lemonade. A few recipes you learn right now. Yeah, maybe something in your small apartment will ... Read more