Guide to Build Your Own Backyard Fish Pond

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A beautiful backyard fish pond gives you an opportunity to bring a bit of nature into your home. It’s also relaxing to listen to the sound of water and see the beauty of the water plants and fishes. Here’s how you can build a beautiful fish pond in your backyard.

1. Dig the Pit


Mark out the boundaries for your pond on the ground before digging. Digging is the most time-consuming part of creating a pond. Ensure that the pond floor is level and don’t dump the soil you dig up too near to the pond. Otherwise, the soil might be washed back into the pit.

If you want to have aquatic plants around your pond, set a second boundary which is about one foot from the first one. Dig a shallow ledge between these boundary lines to designate a place for your plants.

2. Line the Pit


After digging a pit, you need to line it. Firstly, place the underlayment material on the floor of the pit to protect the lining material from soil or rock. Then, you can apply a rubber or plastic lining. Try to even out the lining, but don’t stress if it’s not completely smooth. The pressure from the pond water will adjust it.

3. Fill in the Pond


Now that the pit is lined, you can fill it with water from the garden hose. When your backyard fish pond is already half-full, you can place a layer of bricks or rocks around the ledge. So, you can have a water level above the liner to hide it.

4. Install the Machinery


Your pond requires a submersible pump installed at the bottom surface of the pond to supply a steady flow of water. Other than that, you also need a bead filter and a UV clarifier. The bead filter can filter sand and debris to keep your pond clean, while the UV clarifier prevents algae blooms.

If you use water from a domestic supply line, it may contain a lot of chlorine, which isn’t healthy for fish. In this case, you need to place a de-chlorinator in the pond to neutralize the chlorine content.

5. Add the Fish and Water Plants


If you want to have water plants, you need to plant them before placing the fish. Water plants can make your pond look more natural, prevent algae bloom, and keep the pond cool for the fish during hot weather.

Popular aquatic plants include water lilies and lotus. They should be first planted in portable containers. Put the containers inside the pond when they have germinated.

Next, you need to put the fish in. It’s better to buy young fish rather than fully grown ones as they adapt to a new environment more easily.

When you buy fish, they’re usually placed in polythene bags. Fish are sensitive to temperature changes. Place the bag in the pond for about half an hour to get the fish used to the temperature. After that, you can release them into your backyard fish pond.

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