Best Indoor Tropical House Plants to Soothing Your House

Why should you bring tropical house plants for your indoor plants? Well, indoor plants can offer various benefits. It can be useful for cleaning the air inside your house. Of course, with the right choice of plants, you can make it as part of your creative interior design. Here are the tropical plants you should consider for your home interior design.

Monstera Deliciosa


This tropical plant is also known as the Swiss Cheese plant. You must be quite familiar with this plant especially when you have an interest in gardening because it is quite popular recently. It seems that everyone wants to bring this plant to their home for their indoor plants. Its unique look with the natural holes on its lush green leaves can be an attractive statement in a room. Because it is a tropical plant, it loves a warm climate. It should not be placed under direct sunlight. That is why this plant must be perfect for an indoor plant.

Epipremnum Aureum


This plant might be more well-known as the devil’s ivy. When you have this plant at your home, you might find that it grows pretty fast. You can utilize its vine for improving your home interior decoration. It is super easy to plant the devil’s ivy. You can plant the tropical house plants in a pot and hang it to get the benefits of its vine. It even can live when it is placed in a vase filled with water. This is the right plant for you who do not want indoor plants with high maintenance. Its heart-shaped leaves look attractive with its unique colors.

Dracaena Massangeana


Another name for this plant is Mass Cane. This is the right plant choice for you who are still a beginner in planting things. Because of the easiness to grow this plant, this plant gets its popularity. It is found often in the office as a staple office plant because of its low maintenance and hardy nature. You can simply spot this plant that can grow about 1.5 meters tall. The stem is stalky while the leaves are striped in yellow and green color. If you want an indoor tropical plant with quite a large size, this plant must be one of the best choices. However, it will not be the best option for you if you have cats and dogs at home because it can be toxic to your pets.



If you think that taking care of tropical plants is complicated and difficult, it is all about the choice of plants. You just need to choose the tropical plants that are low in maintenance. One of the low-maintenance plants that you should consider is sansevieria or the snake plant. This is a tropical plant that originated from Asia and Southern Africa. It will be pretty difficult to kill this plant even when you do not take care of this plant that much. The key is to place it under the direct sunlight and you will find it grow pretty quickly. Do not water these tropical house plants too often or too much to avoid rotting.

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