7 Modern Minimalist Kitchen Inspirations For Today’s Family

Residential is instrumental in accommodating the lifestyle of today’s family. One of area that has an important role in the launch of family daily activities is kitchen. Therefore, the kitchen needs to be designed to follow the needs of its inhabitants. Modern minimalist kitchen design is one of the kitchen design that can be an option to facilitate the lifestyle of the family who has practical activities and do not want to bother.

Do you and your family have the same principles? If so, this time Amrilio has 7 recommendations modern minimalist kitchen design that you can imitate and apply at home.

1. Modern minimalist kitchen with extra storage


As one area that requires a lot of equipment at once used to store food supplies, kitchen requires an adequate storage. This modern minimalist kitchen design utilizes the entire wall side to be installed storage cabinets. With this modern minimalist kitchen design, you do not need to worry anymore the kitchen looks messy.

2. A kitchen design that blends with the dining room


The concept of a modern minimalist kitchen that blends with the dining room can be a solution to familiarize relationships among family members. With a modern minimalist kitchen concept like this, you can still interact with other family members when cooking in the kitchen.

Moreover, the process of serving food will be easier. Family members can directly eat freshly cooked food.

3. Modern minimalist kitchen with energy saving technology


Kitchen is one of room in the house that requires a lot of energy because basically cooking needs water supply, gas, and electricity. To run the principle of energy saving, modern minimalist kitchen design should provide an entry space for natural light such as windows and using lights that have low electrical power as well as durable.

4. Clean kitchen concept for family members’ health


Kitchen is an area inside the house that can affect the quality of family health, therefore you need to pay attention to the kitchen hygiene factor. Applying the all-white theme in a modern minimalist kitchen can help you keep your kitchen clean.

The most important thing is that you must also apply clean behavior and preventive actions, such as immediately washing dirty dishes and soaking the shelf washing with disinfectant solution, so that modern minimalist kitchen remained hygienic and free of germs.

5. Modern minimalist kitchen without top cabinets


Modern minimalist kitchen without a top cabinet can be an option for you who wants to get the maximum minimalist impression. In addition, by eliminating the top cabinet, a kitchen with small space will look more spacious so that the kitchen can be more comfortable and free to use.

In a modern minimalist kitchen design like this, you can install several shelves to replace the kitchen cabinet function.

6. Space savvy kitchen design for kitchen in the apartment and small dwelling


For those of you who live in small dwellings or apartments, the limited space becomes the main base in the ideal modern minimalist conception. But, the design company, Standard Studio implements a creative design for modern minimalist kitchen as a solution to overcome a kitchen that has limited space.

The kitchen design applied follows the shape of the letter L. Minimalist kitchen with L shape can follow the field of space that has been there before.

7. Personalize modern minimalist kitchen with modular cabinet

modern_minimalist_kitchen_with_modular cabinet

You also can have a modern minimalist kitchen by using modular cabinets. The advantage of using a modular cabinet is that you can easily assemble and install it by yourself, even you can combine different cabinet partition colors in a modular kitchen design.

Similar to conventional kitchens, modern minimalist kitchens that use modular cabinets also can be installed and adjust the size of the kitchen.

From the seven modern minimalist kitchen inspirations, which kitchen design that can facilitate your needs and your family? Please read another article on Amrilio.com to get more insights regarding home design ideas.

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