7 Bathroom Remodel Ideas for Your Inspiration

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Looking for bathroom remodel ideas? Even a simple and small bathroom can look luxurious if you know how to design it. Follow these remodelling inspirations to get your ideal bathroom!

Utilize Your Corners


If you have a small bathroom, using a corner sink or vanity can work wonders. It’s a great way to open up more space.

It’s even better if you pick a vanity with rounded corners. Soft and rounded edges don’t only save space. Vanities with sharp corners can be dangerous. You’re less likely to bruise yourself banging into the edge of your vanity when rushing in the morning. If there are children or elderly family members in your house, they’ll also benefit from this extra protection.

Use Fun, Large Patterns


Incorporating patterns into your design can instantly enhance the aesthetics of your bathroom. In the smaller bathrooms, using large, dramatic patterns can trick the eye and create an illusion of a bigger space. Use large squares, wide stripes, and whimsical motifs for your wallpaper, floor tiles, and shower curtains.

Mirror, Mirrors on the Wall


A lot of bathroom remodel ideas recommend installing huge decorative mirrors. This is a very effective way to make your space seem brighter and bigger as mirrors reflect natural light. A decorative mirror can also function as the centerpiece decor of your bathroom. If you can’t put a large wall, multiple small mirrors on a wall would also do the trick.

Be Creative with Storage


Storage is the most challenging part of decorating a room, especially if you have a tiny bathroom. It’s better to get a vanity with open shelves as swinging doors can limit your already cramped space. Hanging shelves are also a great way to add storage. Additionally, you can mount the towel bar on your shower door to make use of this typically underused space.

Change Your Shower Door


A glass shower door can open up space in your bathroom. Shower doors that pivot on hinges can get in the way in a small bathroom. So, you might want to consider replacing it with a sliding shower door.

Alternatively, you can do away with a shower door completely. Put a lightweight shower curtain that can allow natural light to pass through. This will create an illusion of space and airiness. However, make sure that you have a good drain and waterproof everything.

Create a Gallery Wall


The bathroom is a frequently overlooked space. But decorating it can make it more comfortable for a long, relaxing shower. So why not create a gallery wall in your bathroom? Displaying artworks on your bathroom wall will draw your eyes upwards, tricking your eye into believing that the space is larger than it actually is.

Use Monochromatic Colors


Monochromatic colors make your bathroom look bright, airy, and welcoming. Use white, light gray, and earthy tones to achieve that effect. For an accent, many bathroom remodel ideas recommend splashing some bright tones such as bold red or spunky orange. Use them for the bathroom curtain or rug.

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