6 Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas You Should Try

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Are you looking for small bathroom remodel ideas that can make your tiny space look bigger? With the limited space that most homes have nowadays, decorating your bathroom can be challenging. That’s why these ideas are here for your inspiration.

Put a Huge Mirror


Using a huge mirror is a classic interior design trick to make your room look spacious. Rather than just hanging a small mirror above the vanity, cover an entire wall with a wall-to-wall mirror. The mirror will reflect light and create an illusion of additional brightness and airiness.

Alternatively, if you can’t mirror a whole wall, you can also put multiple smaller mirrors. Put them above the vanity, the sink, or the toilet bowl. Backlighting your mirror can help amplify natural light.

Use Bright Colors


Many small bathroom remodel ideas advocate using bright monochromatic colors. Shades like white, light gray or beige make your tiny bathroom look clean and open. They also reflect natural light from the window. Pair bright colors with wooden floor and furniture as well as a lightweight curtain to create a warm and comforting ambiance.

… or, Use Very Dark Colors


This tip may be counterintuitive as dark colors are known to make things look smaller. However, very dark colors like black add depth and create an illusion of a bigger space.

Interior designers recommend incorporating glossy, dark surfaces into your bathroom. Not only will they look similar to a night sky, but they also reflect light.

With dark colors dominating the space, your attention will be drawn to the light fixtures. So, be mindful of how you want to add artificial light. Decorative light fixtures are a good choice because they aren’t only functional but can also function as the center of attention. Don’t be afraid to go dramatic with them.

Replacing Your Shower Door


Glass shower doors are great for a small bath. They make space feel more open as compared to your regular curtain. You can even do away with a shower door completely. In this case, you need a good drain and waterproof everything because your entire bathroom would be wet.

Tile Up Your Bathroom


Maximizing the functionality of your tiny bathroom doesn’t mean sacrificing form. Tiles are an easy and fun way to decorate your space. They can be used for any part of the bathroom, from floor to ceiling.

For smaller bathrooms, small ceramic tiles are the way to go. Decorative one-by-four and two-by-six floor tiles can drastically enhance the aesthetics of your bathroom walls. They’re also less expensive, so that’s another plus point.

Install a Pocket Door


Storage is usually the main issue in small rooms. Replacing your bathroom door with a pocket door can open up more space. Use a pocket door so that you have an extra storage area.

The downside to this tip is that it takes a little more effort than other small bathroom remodel ideas. However, you’ll be surprised by how much more space you have just by doing it.

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