6 Beautiful Backyard Ideas in 2021

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If you’re looking for backyard ideas, you’re in the right place. A backyard can be a place to relax with your family and friends after a long day. With the perfect design, you can transform the space you have behind your house into a beautiful backyard. Amrilio.com will give you some ideas you can try at home.

Family-Friendly Backyard


If you have young children, you’ll want to have a backyard where they can play safely. It’s recommended to use wood for the bench and furniture. Benches that have storage space for outdoor toys are an awesome idea for this purpose.

Cover your backyard with greenery such as bluegrass so your children can roll and tumble without getting themselves hurt. On the weekend, you can sit and relax on the benches while watching the little ones play.

Comfortable Patio


Do you only have limited space behind your house? Don’t worry because there are many amazing backyard ideas for small backyards.

Even a tiny patio can be homey and comfortable. Install furniture that can seat several people, such as a daybed. Use wood or earthy tones for the furniture and white for the fabric.

Then, to add personality, put some decorative plants. Eucalyptus, monstera, and snake plant are some that look pretty but also low-maintenance enough for beginners. Lastly, throw some pillows with bright patterns for more color and fun.

A Multipurpose Space


A compact patio can be transformed into a romantic multipurpose spot. Install a small table and a hanging chair, then add potted plants for decoration. Wood is a great material to use as it will add warmth and comfort.

You can also use different flooring materials to separate the spots. The concrete flooring in the dining area with the table and BBQ spot distinguishes it from the relaxation area with wooden flooring. The plants can also be used to mark the transition between different spots. Now you have a space where you can dine and relax with your partner while enjoying beautiful plants.

Back to Nature


Rather than installing furniture, why not focus on landscaping and reconnect with nature? Create a beautiful flower garden or the herb garden where you can get fresh herbs for your cooking. Plant a couple of trees and install a hammock between them. Build a small koi pond so you can enjoy the calming sound of water while lie down on the hammock.

Get Some Swing Sofas


Have you heard of them? Swing sofas combine traditional benches and hammocks. They are fun and amazing for relaxation. Not only that, but they can also be the visual centerpiece of your backyard. Build a small patio to accommodate these funky sofas where you can hang out with family and friends.

Outdoor Bar


Do you host parties often? An outdoor bar can boost the entertainment value of your outdoor parties. Build a bar with a modern design with bold and whimsical tiles and hang fairy lights above. This is one of the backyard ideas you must try for your romantic summer nights.

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