15 Creative Solutions Model and Location Dining Table

15 Creative Solutions Model and Location Dining Table

In this article we will give 15 Creative Solutions Model and Location Dining Table. Want to put a full kitchen dining table? Thinking what to choose and where to place it better? We offer you 15 creative solutions from the Spanish designers, we have illustrated the 30 photographs.

Whether these options are suitable for a small kitchen? At least half of the ideas!Moreover, we are not talking about the tiny breakfast table or breakfast bar. We consider only those dining tables, behind which is quite comfortable and can accommodate at least 2-3 people. Most ideas (models and methods for their location) are designed for mid-size family or couples visit friends.

Can I use my favorite option in your kitchen style? It is easy! In some instances, you will see tables 2 different versions – for traditional and modern interiors.

We are sure that at least one of these options just right for your situation. Get inspired and make your kitchen more convenient! Here are Dining table in the kitchen: 15 creative ways to choose a model and location.

1. Folding table console for a small kitchen.

If it is not about the bar or table only for breakfast, the best option would be to carve out a 60-70 cm away from the wall for a folding table. In the fully folded, it looks like a console.

Breakfast can be partially disassembled, and if they come to visit, to open fully.Typically, a modern style, but can also be found for the classics.

2. Folding dining table with movable edges.

This is a godsend for those who love the open space not less than the guests. Folded looks very compact. To enjoy even more free space, add a pair of folding table or stackable chairs. Style – to your taste.

3. Sliding tables set end to the kitchen window.

Convenient in the event that the dining table when you use and visit the guests and the kitchen (per day). If you move it to the end window, which offers a beautiful view – you can enjoy the meal not only food.

4. Table and mini stools a la coupe.

Romance travel by train, dimensional rocking the trailer, interesting scenery outside the window … It is easy to imagine, if you like the kitchen has a dining table by the window.

He logically complemented by a pair of miniature benches, banquettes (of course, with storage under the seat). Additional (third) seat is also easy to create using a stool or folding chair.

5. A small table against the wall.

Most compact table square or rectangular shape can move up to the free wall virtually no loss of functionality. In this case, it may be sliding, pull-out, or the most common.

In normal times, it can be used on three sides. Come visit? Just move the table away from the wall and add another chair.

6. Two in One = narrow dining table + additional work surface.

Recalls the previous version – leans against the wall. But there are differences. Due to the peculiar structure performs two roles at once: it is possible for both dinner and cook. Enough of the ordinary table, but not the standard 75 and 90 cm in height.

This table, at first, narrow (end leans against the wall), and secondly – high. As an optimal seat bar stools.

7. Two in One (a variation to the spacious kitchen) – on the kitchen island.

If you like the idea of ​​a kitchen island or peninsula, take note of this idea. On his part countertops can accommodate a dining table. Size – commensurate with kitchen area, chairs (stools) – high.

The only thing we should not forget: to sit comfortably under this part of the table top should not be cabinets.

8. Dining table on one leg.

Table with one leg – an excellent choice for owners of small dishes. He takes up less space than the “four-legged” fellow, it is convenient to shoot under the chairs. And this table is indispensable for creating an atmosphere of a French bistro.

Shape – square or round, wooden legs – for traditional styles and country, chrome – for the modern interior.

9. Rectangular table + bench.

This alliance allows the use of a more compact. Unlike chairs, bench is convenient because you can slide the table almost to her back or even walls.

To avoid mistakes, choose a table on a cruciate sloping legs (photo 1), or create a makeshift bench (board reinforced brackets attached to the wall, for example, over a radiator, photo 2) is shorter than the distance between the table legs.

10. Round table + couch = for a small kitchen.

Due to the absence of angles, this table is suitable for the whole family meal or get-togethers with the guests, but does not take up too much space. Sofa placed in any available corner, back to the window or wall. If necessary, add chairs – folding or from another room.

11. Round table + chairs = to a spacious kitchen.

Continuing the theme of this form, we recall that they are more elegant, visually easier square. And yet – perfectly safe if you have children, you may no longer be afraid of that little tomboy hits the corner.

If the size of the kitchen allows, – surround a round dining table chairs with rounded backs. These models look smaller and more appropriate in this case. Get real kitchen-dining room.

12. Zone mini-dining room next to the window.

Kitchen stool with cushions (G-or U-shaped bench) near a window (for example, on a balcony or terrace) – a great replacement for traditional chairs. But the psychological comfort of an order of magnitude higher. Recommended for friendly family whose members love to sit close to each other.

Furniture such place can be found in IKEA or other inexpensive stores. By the way, simple design in the photo is just a 1-m 1.5h2.

13. The dining table as a peninsula.

Great idea for modern interiors spacious kitchens. How to do it?

Option 1: Buy an ordinary table, blending style and color with kitchen furniture, and move it to the floor cabinets at an angle of 90 degrees.

Option 2: the same to acquire the tabletop, which is used for kitchen cabinets, and set it at a height of 75 cm from the floor (also 90 degrees).

Want to exactly replicate the idea in the photo-2? Use floor panels with a depth of 40 cm without legs and cover it with the same desktop.

14. The dining table in the bay window.

In your kitchen has a bay window? It is known that good lighting has a beneficial effect on our mood, so place the table beside him, as did the designer Ricardo Fonta.

This trick will appreciate those who have a big family and everyone is fighting for a place in front of the window. Do not be redundant blinds or roman blinds that protect from the bright midday sun.

15. Next to the decorative wall.

Glass partition next to the table, according to Albert Blanche – an ideal solution for small or dark kitchen. She, like any mirror surface, visually enhances the kitchen and make it lighter. The protrusion can be used as a shelf.