12 Beautiful Garden Like of Fairy Tales

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12 Beautiful Garden Like of Fairy Tales:  The Magic of Reality

Soon will come the spring heat, time to flowering and the awakening of the gardens. Are you an amateur gardener, too? Then you will not give up the droplets ofinspiration. After all, any deal, that deal with love and interest, will flourish. (A) in the case of kindergarten is to flourish in the truest sense.
The cultivation of gardens has always been held in high esteem, and the most giftedgardeners were compared with the wizards. And it’s really almost a sorcery-tamenepokornuû nature, which is why almost every tale must have a wonderful garden. By the way, of the fabulous gardens, we‘ll talk.
Admit it, you like to stroll through the world of your favorite fairy tales? Get on the tea party to the mad Šlâpniku, walk through the snow Queen’s possessions or to live deep in the forest, along with snow white?
While you are dreaming, while others embody the fairy tale to life. Today we takejourney through the gardens, where you can see clips of favorite fairy tales.
You also wondering what she was Cinderella, sleeping beauty or snow white? Then join us. Perhaps this collection will inspire you to create your own beautiful garden.
1. Alice in Wonderland.
Everyone knows the story about a girl that fell down the rabbit hole and discovered the fantastic world. Carroll’s tale is amazing at any age no matter your age or seventhirty-seven. The creator of this garden also was inspired by this story and wanted toreplicate the surrealism of the amusing in a small garden. And look how wonderful he succeeded!
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Agree, “mad” little world is not easy to copy. But the gardener and did not set such a goal. He recreated the mad tea party the way he imagined it.Admire: Used classic hedge, but it … hang a mirror! Very different, most amazing, and no repeats. They reflect different parts of the garden, and they look like real niche in the green wall.And, of course, table set for tea. Perhaps this garden would come to taste and the author himself tales of Alice, bringing him to go there.
2. Cinderella.
Another familiar story from childhood: poor but kind and hardworking girl who finally gets to the royal ball and becomes a princess. There are many different versions of this story: Do you Zolushkinoy stepmother was a garden with roses, whether they lived in the forest. But, in general, it does not matter: what’s the difference where you live, if you take the ball magic pumpkin carriage?
amazing-gardens-like-of-fairy-tales2, amrilio.com
That’s the creator of this garden feels the same way. He did not split hairs with flowers and planted a beautiful and varied greens. And in the center, like a pearl on a velvet cushion – furniture, shaped like Cinderella’s carriage. But it will not disappear at midnight and will long to please the owners of its originality as well – the opportunity to enjoy superb views of the garden and pond.
3. The Nightingale.
Remember the story of Andersen about the Chinese emperor, who loved all kinds ofstrange things, and Nightingale, which became the soul of his garden? Of course, the Palace of the ruler must be luxurious! We can only imagine what was the garden of the tales, but some decided to recreate. All of the canons of the East: a maximum of nature, minimum interference.
amazing-gardens-like-of-fairy-tales3, amrilio.com
Here are a variety of flowers, but invariably present pagoda gazebo, stone staircaseand, of course, a rock garden. Everything is as it should be in the Imperial garden: natural, but streamlined luxury. Lacking only the Nightingale, but it is, we believe, a matter of time. However, it is a garden in itself is fine. And by the way, this is not Chinaor Japan, and Denver.
4. Snow White.
Lovely girl, which she unknowingly suffer from its beauty … Fleeing the envious stepmother, Snow White falls into the woods, where they live the Seven Dwarfs. And, as it should be a true woman, brings in the cabin comfort and beauty.But in the backwoods is not gonna break the luxurious garden. Will have to be content with what nature has bestowed. So did Snow White, and as did the creator of this
amazing-gardens-like-of-fairy-tales4, amrilio.com
Note: no extra item! All harmoniously fit into the surrounding environment. A variety of Greens is a fancy carpet along the banks of the Brook, and it seems that this gardenwas here. I think it could look like the illustration to the tale by the Brothers Grimm.
5. Little Red Riding Hood.
Everyone knows this story: little girl suffered a grandma present and hit the hiŝnomuWolf paws. Everyone knows that a Wolf Red Riding Hood allegedly advised a short way. But another version is more interesting: a little girl was enjoying wild flowers, andWolf, noticing her weakness, a proposed road, where they are more…
Beautiful lavender flower garden. The color purple lavender flowers, green stems of flowers and foliage is a harmonious blend of colors. The beauty of this park so as if it is alive when the lavender flowers blowing in the breeze.At first glance it seems that the human hand does not touch this pristine beauty. But if you look closely, you can see how carefully chosen and all connected into one. Perhaps, these are different and this fabulous glades by caring hands of an enthusiastic gardener.
6. Hansel and Gretel.
Now consider another equally well-known fairy tale about a gingerbread house deep in the woods. There wandered tired and hungry kids, not knowing that caught the bait witch …Of course, to build a real house of sweets – not the most practical option. Yes, and it will stay for long. But look: Is this the hut, which attracted so fabulous kids?
The walls of this House is made of stone, instead of candy, but even that doesn’t make it less attractive. Stone path flanked by small flowers and herbs, and beckons to get close to … But fear not: If you are here and lives the sorceress, the only kind. It is onlywith love you conjuring this lovely garden.
7. Sleeping Beauty.
Another friend from childhood fairy tale. According to one version, when Princessukololas′ spindle and plunged into an enchanted sleep, fairy godmother wished to make rest pleasant goddaughter. To do this, she put all the Kingdom, and the Castlegrew roses and flowering trees. It may not be the Princess to sleep in the Bush, right?
This charming corner of the garden – a great copy of the one that gave the fairy princess. Tiny bench, covered weave roses – the perfect place to relax any princess. Or prince.
8. Beauty and the Beast.
Huge but deserted castle, which drags a lonely existence enchanted prince … His only joy – gardening. Under clawed paws Beast the most amazing flowers bloom. Including Rose, who seduced desperate merchant
This Scottish castle, though has not been abandoned, demanded a corresponding garden. And here he is in front of you! Here there are not only roses, but other delicate flowers and trees. A hedge is woven in a tempting labyrinth from which not too and I want to get out. In this garden I want to spend the whole day, as it did the heroine of the tale.
9. The Snow Queen.
Frozen Palace, where everything from the gate and ending with the tiny blade of grass – ice … and frightening at the same time fascinating. Expedition to the Arctic inspires a few, but in the realm of the Snow Queen, I think you would not refuse to go.
To walk through the snowy woods, it is not necessary to go as Gerda, barefoot on the edge of the world. It is better to admire this garden, frozen and gorgeous. Shrubs and dwarf trees covered with frost, fascinating. I guess this is how it looks Eternity.
10. Prince frog.
No, this is not the story of a fairy tale princess, frog, and is quite different, popular in the West, a fairy tale. But there is a magical transformation. Princess drops golden ball in the water, and it catches a good frog. In exchange, he sincerely wants to become a friend of the princess, but she manages to poor rude. As a result, the spell broken, and the frog turns into a handsome prince.
This garden is not like the others. Neither exquisite hedges or strange plants. Only daisies and cornflowers surround the pond, which may live an enchanted prince …Of course, the prince there may not be, but is that a reason to abandon the contemplation of colors and surface of the pond?
11. The Midsummer Night’s Dream.
And this is not a fairy tale, and one of Shakespeare’s comedies. It involved fairy forest with its inhabitants – spirits, elves and fairies. Among them – Oberon and Titania, the king and queen of the forest, and nimble small elf. Fabulous spirits argue among themselves, Nezlobnaya joke over astray in love, and then furnish the matter as though involuntary spectator all a dream.
It is unlikely that someone saw the residence of the queen of the fairies. But why not try to present it? Pond with water lilies, emerald green and a sense of untouched, but groomed by someone other forest … What else is needed for romantics?
12. The Secret Garden.
“The Secret Garden” – a novel Anglo-American writer Frances Burnett. His main character – a girl Mary, who suffers from loneliness. Her passion becomes an abandoned garden, which she found in the estate of relatives. Caring for the garden, Mary blooms with him, and incidentally finds and friends.
For this green arch also hides an amazing garden. All kinds of colors and elegantly trimmed bushes evoke imagination, forcing see the beauty in each leaf. Indeed, sometimes for happiness need quite a bit – to feel like a flower awakens your hands …In conclusion, we want to wish you: let these gardens, as if descended from the pages of favorite fairy tales, will give you a piece of magic – the inspiration and motivation in the decoration of your own garden.

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