Zara Home Spring-Summer 2015

Zara Home Spring-Summer 2015

Zara Home Spring-Summer 2015: a review of the new collections for the interior, including children

Spanish brand Zara is better known as a manufacturer of clothing. But he also produces and items for the interior, a couple of times a year delighting customers with new things – just to look at, but it is so attractive that he took them in his hands, you do not want to let go.

We have already done surveys interior trends from Zara Home. And today, on the stage – the spring-summer collection 2015.

First of all they are interested in that are not made for the sake of ostentatious celebration of beauty, and for everyday life. After celebrations are rare, and we want to please yourself and loved ones every day.

It is for those who seek to enjoy every day – charming new collection of Zara Home. Subjects versatile – the sea and orchard, expensive hotel style and vintage things for adults and children.

The best part is each of the collections will fit into any interior style, will give him aspecial chic designer items and trendy tunes. There is no bias toward, say, a strictclassical or contemporary all these fabrics and pillows, tableware and vases are universal. So, can beautify your home.
Check out the new interior collections from Zara Home, created for spring and summer 2015. Get inspired by these simple, but amazing things!
Garden of Eden collection from Zara Home
Fragrant flowers, juicy fruit, hanging from branches, flowering branches, trees. These generous gifts of nature inspired the designers to create a collection that will always be reminded of the spring and summer. Garden of Eden (“Garden of Eden“) is anexquisite romantic textiles with flowers, fruits and flowers and butterflies. Want summer all year round? Then decorate the bedroom, living room or dining room with these beautiful fabrics.
What a garden without flowers? Of course, in the collection there are eleganttablecloths and floral pillows, including one of the finest is the flower blossoms. Butcolor alone is not enough for the atmosphere forever blossoming garden and fruit trees are needed. And they also have. Juicy oranges and lemons, emerge from theleaves, are on the tablecloth, arousing the appetite.

Zara Home Spring-Summer 2015 – bedroom design

And, of course, the Garden of Eden is unthinkable without the butterflies. Colorful beauties flit from flower to flower, reviving tablecloth, pillows and towels. These pictorial motifs are also available on the dishes. Just imagine – you will have a feast, surrounded by exotic flowers and butterflies!Palma, perhaps, not a typical paradise plants. However, those who are vacationing on the islands can argue with that. Huge emerald leaves delight the eye and give shade to rest in the heat – is not it a paradise? Palm leaves – another motive collection. They are luxuriously look everywhere, but especially good for bedding. Ideal for fans of the colonial style, as well as for all those who love exotic.
Collection of Hotel from Zara Home
But it is not enough to make some beautiful views. Someone grabs the tent on the beach and someone does not think leave without a comfortable hotel. Especially forfans of the five-star hotels was designed a collection with a simple nameHotel.However, it is much deeper than the title.
As you know, the hotel – this is the minimum for a comfortable stay, devoid of decoration and other decorations. No wonder that uninhabited flat compared with hotel rooms. But the collection Hotel – this is not an ordinary hotel. This – the most luxurious hotel that you can imagine.The main colors of the collection – brown, beige and white. They are combined with each other in the most amazing and elegant variations: Net, “herringbone” imitation fern leaves. And the most luxurious duo – chess.

Zara Home Spring-Summer 2015 – sofa

Textile elements used not only shade, but also the skin. And true, beautiful and expensive, as befits an elite hotel. From it even made pillows, because the real luxury, as you know, is in the details.
Other items from the collection are reminiscent not only of the atmosphere of the hotel, but also about exotic countries. Such, for example, ottomans, intertwined twisted rope. Or table, made a very interesting way: the basis – wicker basket on top – a sheet of glass. Notably lamps with legs in the form of a sailor’s knot.
Collection of Linen from Zara Home
Or maybe you love lace, linen and fine knitwear? Vintage charm, a charm with shades of country, lightness and elegance, all collection of Linen.
This collection is closer to nature than anything else. And not just because it used natural fabrics, linen and cotton, but also because some of the furniture was borrowed by the contours of the plants. This is, for example, an amazing table with brancheslegs. Or night lights with a leg in the form of a flower of the artichoke.

Zara Home Spring-Summer 2015 – dining table

Gamma, white lace and embroidery in them the beauty. Lace is everywhere on thecharming cushions, blankets, tablecloths of … But special attention should, of course, pillows. Small and elegant, they are tied with laces on all sides: the lace is a gracefulornament, somewhere they instead of fringe. There are pads decorated with largeviscous.
Mare Nostrum collection from Zara Home
Charming collection of textiles and glassware on the marine themeTo satisfy the discerning adults is not easy, but even harder is to please the children.Knowing this, Zara Home Kids produced two collections for young adventurers. One is dedicated to travel, the other is the fabulous underwater world.

Mare Nostrum collection from Zara Home – bed

Children’s collection 2015 from Zara Home – Bon Voyage and Sea Shore
Themes collection Bon Voyage, as the name implies, is dedicated to travel. But this does not seem to like the collection for adults. Bon Voyage is designed to meet the needs of young researchers who want to feel everything.
Conventional pillows would be too boring for the kids, so they made in the form of various interesting subjects. There is a starfish, as well as miniature car, and even aircraft. Now the little traveler will be able to choose from a fleet of “personal transport”, and parents will not wrestle, that would give him such.
But the collection is not only entertaining and even quite informative things. For example, the map of the world one old, the other is more like a contour. Your childloves to travel, but with the geography and not poladit? Please give him a map, and a boring science becomes much more interesting.
Sea Shore is the second children’s collection. There is also a maritime theme, but in a different way. For us it is only beach and sea shells, and for children it is a whole world.Because who knows, maybe there are mermaids and bend Kit lets fountain?

Mare Nostrum collection from Zara Home

Sea Shore series created just for young dreamers looking for fairy tale everywhere.With the pillows and linen are looking a variety of marine life, and textiles made inunexpected coral palette.
There are also more discreet option – white and blue. On surface of the white blanket cover slowly slide sailboats, whales play on pillows … Ensemble complement anchor and starfish. In general, the color palette is diverse, it includes a variety of colors – from dark blue to lilac.
And, of course, children’s collection will not be complete without toys. Mermaids, whales, octopus and other marine life are ready to become friends Little Explorers depths right now. A sailboat and soft suitcases suit those who prefer to enjoy the treasures of the sea from a safe distance.