Sweet Colorful Cottage by Alison Kandler in Santa Monica


Amazing house Alison Kandler: a tour of the cottage decorator in Santa MonicaAlison Kandler has designed her home very sweet and colorful.

Dream House – how do you imagine it? With a well-tended garden, huge swimming pool,picturesque views of the Windows? Or such, where every corner is thought over to trifles, and just these little things are forced to admire the superb taste of the owner?
Or maybe you admire architectural delights, but deep down you dream about furniture, similar to the one that once graced the cabin of your dolls?
The House decorator Alison Kandler is everything that we have listed. A warm sun, a huge variety of places for a meal or a cup of tea, a rich décor and breathtakingcreativity in every detail — such is her house in Santa Monica, California.
Join us on our exciting journey through the wonderful American home decorator – 47 photos of interiors and beautiful details.
Upon entering this home is amazing. A huge swimming pool, ivy, buzz porch, greens around the perimeter of the yard. Such a wonderful view just obliged to arrange on the terrace a place to rest. So Alison did.
Just look at this amazing symmetry! Everything is subject to it, from the furniture to the rebellious ivy. Elegant fireplace with monograms, hardly noticeable on a white brick facade. Large pots with plants on both sides of the fireplace. Simple chairs, decorated with hand-painted pillows. And it all fits perfectly to the contours of the house and pool!
Spacious kitchen seems an enlarged copy of dollhouse furniture. That there is one hood, hidden behind a dome with a serrated edge! By becoming her and kitchen cabinets – with elegant handles, wide, more like dressers, and a blue plate in a retro style, as if descended from the pages of fantastic.
Alison admits that all this – a tribute to the inner child who never played enough with dolls. But in the design of the kitchen there is not only the beauty, but also practicality. Thus, the windows are arranged around a compact cupboards and other kitchen stuff.
A few tiny lockers under the ceiling can hold those little things that are used less often than other. And even a large refrigerator disguised closet – just like in the fairy house pantry.
At the window – a compact bench with cushions. Here you can read, enjoy the beautiful scenery, but you can eat breakfast – alone or with your family. To each meal seemed especially on the table fresh flowers and lovely tablecloth with ornaments of Fine petals.
Dining differs deliberately simple rustic furniture, against which stand out cheerful wallpaper with floral pattern. “Chess” floor in the violet-green, which we have already seen in the kitchen, and is repeated here. Notice how the echoes colors of the furniture and walls: green cells on the floor – with a table and pink pillows – with suitable wallpaper.
The Interior of the Home Office (workplace) is amazing. A spacious room filled with everything necessary for creative work and rest, as well as a mass of inspiring objects. Here you can not only work or meet with clients, but also relax with the whole family.
In the center – a place for communication. At the window – desks. On the perimeter – racks with original decor, inspiring little things and materials.
A living room is a real eclectic mix. Elegant country-style table, colonial fireplace, wrought iron chairs and frayed wicker chair of unusual shape – where you can still find a similar ensemble?
And it is under a carpet with incredible graphics, frame from sophisticated mirrors, a variety of lamps and vases in various shapes. Combines the traditional common colors:pink, yellow and small blotches of Turquoise.
As you can see, Alison loves flowers. And here they are represented in all forms: live, dried flowers, flower paintings on the theme. This fragrant ensemble complement vintage volume.That here and there we meet unusual items. For example, in one of the bathrooms you can admire. Hat with flowers decorum reclined on a stand, as befits a museum piece. And really, why not flaunt such a wonderful thing?
But the most sumptuous Gallery gathered in the Hall. Climbing up the stairs, you can admire the wonderful canvases, or unusual mirror, stylized under a window with shutters. By the way, the white staircase with a purple track is not inferior to.
The walls of main bedroom is in neutral colors – all in order not to distract attention from the amazing furniture and textiles. Bohemian chest, pillows, painted with strange flowers and birds, exquisite porcelain lamps on stem – that can better reflect the original design taste?
Here you will not find two identical pieces of furniture, bedside tables and thedifferent (but the headlamps are similar, proof: sometimes you can break the rules).The second bedroom in this section is the children’s room of her daughter.
And this wonderful room – bathroom. Though. perhaps it is better to be called “bath vice versa” – in fact there is almost nothing that is characteristic for conventional toilets.
Classic wallpaper, fancy faucet, tub, and even orange taburetochka- could think of only a person with a very delicate taste. This wonderful ensemble complement crimson rug, kilim and elegant decoration, like a mirror frame with a stained-glass window inside.
Alison creatively came even to the design of such a purely utilitarian rooms, laundry.Shelves for elegant brackets for household items. Everything is not as aesthetically pleasing, hidden behind Motley shutter. And even here there is place decoration the original purple abažuru and a small picture above the sink.