Mare Nostrum: The Charm of a Nautical Them by Zara Home


“Mare Nostrum” from ZaraHome – swimming pool

Mare Nostrum: the charm of a nautical theme in the new collection of Zara Home

We have already talked about the new collections from Zara Home Spring-Summer 2015 in the special issue. And this is – a detailed review of true summer, fashionable nautical theme, a splendid view of the brand this year.

Collection name – «Mare Nostrum» – is the name of the Mediterranean Sea from the ancient Romans (“Our Sea”). The most striking associations with its picturesque coastline, are reflected in the interior, created by designers for this summer collection.

Each of us in the depths of the soul dreams of a sea cruise. And those who have already realized the dream would agree that it is – an unforgettable experience. The smell of the sea, fluttering sails, gentle breeze … And, of course, the wonders of the underwater world.

Those who leave far away, but like the sea, the Spanish brand offers a series reminiscent of the carefree days on the coast, marine beauty and the warm waves.

Find inspiration in the maritime theme Zara Home – the most beautiful things from the collection of Mare Nostrum in our photo review.

Charming collection of textiles and glassware. As befits the Sea trend colors Mare Nostrum in common with sea view: blue, turquoise and shades of blue. He is adjacent to white – the color of sand, shells and coral.

“Mare Nostrum” from ZaraHome – bed

One of the most fashionable nautical ornaments – a rope tied into various knots. From twisted rope, simulating a rope made and stand under a hot, complementary collection of dishes.

“Mare Nostrum” from ZaraHome – dining table

By the way, and dishes reminiscent of the sea: from the plates look luxurious ships sail substituting the wind.

But – interesting design course. Speaking of maritime decor for the home, many imagine shells, boats, but few people remember about the waves of the sea. Meanwhile, it is the first thing to begin exploring the resort. Sea waves caress the body and eyes: admiring them, we relax and gradually freed from worries.

Reasoned and designer of these charming vases, giving them the shape of waves. And the colors to match the sea: turquoise and deep blue.

2015 “Mare Nostrum” from ZaraHome – swimming pool

Another option serving – for those who like a gentle blue color of the sea. Dishes and bowls framed by graceful figure of algae. This exquisite ensemble of supplements and other decor on the theme of the sea: figurines in the form of crabs, shells, corals, etc., without which it is inconceivable vacation on the coast.

Dining table – “Mare Nostrum” from ZaraHome

Here not only the traditional fish and shells, but also all the beauty of the sea resort. For example, algae and corals on the pillows.

“Mare Nostrum” style by ZaraHome

Hope you enjoyed the charming maritime collection-2015 Mare Nostrum from ZaraHome. Be inspired by the ideas and create a Mediterranean style in the Interior!