Creative Colorful Spanish Apartment with Furniture from IKEA

This 2 x bedroom apartment in Madrid area of ​​about 60 sq looks much larger than one would assume, given the orientation of the windows and the associated layout of the rooms. In addition to space, decorators have managed to create a spectacular style – modern cocktail with hints of vintage, ethnic and glamor, including – using the favorite mistress of items previously lived in the house and it inherited.

Consider this apartment in detail, to find interesting ideas, including – for small flats and rooms – more than 20 photos of interiors for your inspiration.

floor plan of the apartment:

Pretty high ceilings and a pair of specially made by doorways leading into the living room, have rid the narrow corridor of the Visual space. To break the monotony ofwhite colouring of walls, some of them left in a natural state with open brickworkand supporting columns of wood.

Open floor plan guest apartment has a comfortable zone 2living room and dining room. It was not necessary to limit the number of items or different styles of décor.
Of ethnic elements, special attention attracts ikeevskij sofa in dark skin, Kilim rug on the floor and bright multi-color pillows. Subtle elegance glamour emphasizes finelines, coffee tables and a combination of the three mirror over the sofa. Vintage partsis concise, but very elegant leather banquette effects — a la Greek stool andlombernyj table, used for decorative details.
Making dinner table beckons bold combination of modern and classical pieces, juicy raspberry shade luxurious tablecloth to the floor and easy chairs from IKEA TOBIAS with fashionable transparent seat.
Such a style of dining groups are particularly suitable effectively serving dishes and details in the style of “baroque” – Union of golden, black and white. This beauty has got hostess inherited.
Small kitchen designed with maximum consideration of ergonomics and plenty ofplaces to store utensils and ingredients. All kitchen furniture, as well as the foldingtable room NORBU with stoolBEKVÈMladder from IKEA.
Please note: the bedroom is separated from the dining area is not a blank wall, and functional partition, not reaching to the ceiling. From the bedroom to her suspended 9 TRONES Shoe cabinet IKEA, they perfectly replace the traditional chest of drawers.
To give the impression of a more beautiful and luxurious, the walls of the bedroom was given a wallpaper with floral or plant.
Besides the bedroom, also provided dressing table complete with a sink to wash your face or clean your makeup before bed. Bedroom design is very suitable for you a woman who is very maintaining your appearance.
Bathroom design made simple but very elegant: Compact pipes and combination wall color in the shade malva” with Golden decorations are amazing.